Brilliant piece on Tesla

…A headline quacked across my screen: Tesla was having customers sign Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in exchange for out of warranty repairs.

No other auto company I am aware of asks customers to sign NDAs in exchange for free out-of-warranty repairs. Regardless of what the company says, there is really only one reason to do that – to suppress bad news that might impact the stock price.

Elon Musk promptly wrote a blog post – in which he attacked the motivations of the journalist who broke the story –  and claimed that the NDAs were never intended to stop a customer from filing a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  And then Tesla changed the language of the NDAs at the request of NHTSA.

Attacking the messenger, denying the allegation, and then admitting to it.  A crazy red flag…

read the whole piece here (via creditbubblestocks)


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